And The Winner Of The Logo Contest Is…

Your Guerrilla Marketer would like to congratulate Gary Bishop of King’s Bishop Design for winning the Logo Contest! His design – as seen at the top of this site – was certainly a crowd favorite. Over half of the comments posted here mentioned they liked his first submission, with 25% stating it was their first choice.

King’s Bishop Design offers mechanical and architectural CAD work, 3D renderings of all kinds, including animation and scenery. They also offer copywriting, collateral work and much more.

I would like to thank all the designers who submitted, including a special thanks to finalists Alan Goon and Luann Ladley. Their designs received a lot of support, and it was a very difficult decision to make. While Gary may have won, there are no losers. I will be speaking with both Alan and Luann to assist them with their marketing needs as reward for their talent and time.

Please visit the sites of these talented designers and contact them for your design needs:

Gary Bishop
King’s Bishop Design


Alan Goon
IT Art

Luann Ladley
Luann Ladley Design


Thank you to everyone who sent in emails and posted comments on the site!


5 thoughts on “And The Winner Of The Logo Contest Is…

  1. Great logo! I suggest that you dull-down the camo that surrounds your home page because one’s eye is drawn to it and not the text.

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