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“If you are looking for a sharp person to lead your marketing efforts, I recommend Rick Verbanas. The New Jersey State Nurses Association was having a membership and marketing slump. We needed to get help fast. Rick developed a strategy that invigorated the brand and helped to increase membership after years of slow attrition. Rick has a knack for listening to the client’s needs and developing an understanding of what would work the best for his clients. Rick is a great person to work with. He is personable and easy to work with. Rick would be a great asset to any marketing division.”

Judy Schmidt, CEO, New Jersey State Nurses Association

“Rick Verbanas is someone any marketing team can use. When Ancero became a client of CMA, Rick led our initial marketing strategy sessions, which allowed us to dive deep into our core mission, services, goals and competition. Rick has the patience and listening skills to draw out key information, and the expertise to disseminate the information into brand positioning, differentiation and key messaging to help Ancero stand out from the competition. In addition, Rick’s direct, yet affable personality make him a pleasure to work with. I recommend Rick if you are seeking someone for marketing strategy and/or execution roles.”

Shandi Hogg, Director of Marketing, Ancero

“Few people are as passionate about marketing as Rick Verbanas. Back when The Children’s Home and The Drenk Center were merging, Rick and his team developed our new name and brand, Legacy Treatment Services. Rick led our strategy meetings, getting to the true core of what we wanted the new organization to be, and developed messaging and a plan to help us build our new brand. This included a new logo, website, sales pieces and more. Rick is extremely knowledgeable and sharp and I recommend him if you are trying to build your brand or have any marketing needs.”

Roy Leitstein, CEO, Legacy Treatment Services

“Rick Verbanas has a natural ability to listen and customize programs toward goals and objectives. All too frequently people cut-and-paste and move onto the next project – that’s not Rick – a people person with partnership and long-term strategies always on the mind.”

Ian Singer, Director of Marketing, Unex Manufacturing

“Rick Verbanas is extremely professional, detail oriented, and charismatic. He is wonderful to work with and a true professional all the way around. He works hard and always delivers on all of his assigned projects, campaigns and events – clients truly enjoy working with him.”

Terri Bos, Central Region Marketing Director, AutoNation, Inc.

“Rick Verbanas exhibited exceptionally strong business development skills and was very skillful in developing relationships with his accounts. Rick was able to upgrade client budgets by emphasizing the value and results forecasted by the proposed solution. He’s a seasoned business owner and can translate that experience into smart client advice. Rick will be an asset to any company’s marketing and or sales team.”

Jarrett McConnico, former CEO, Action Integrated Marketing

“I have seen Rick Verbanas build winning teams and achieve results when nothing was on the line – no bonus, no corner office – except his word. He is able to accomplish more with less because he is savvy and resourceful. His wit can turn a room of strangers into a crowd of engaged customers. Like other creative leaders, his entrepreneurial spirit enables him to accomplish tasks himself, while his ability to listen allows him to get the most out of every idea and every person in a team setting.”

Ken Hitchner, Director of Public Relations, Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA)

“Rick was able to see beyond the obvious and point out threads of common weakness in our marketing and then provide actionable solutions.”

Gary Bishop, Creative Director, King’s Bishop Design

“Rick Verbanas was a very thorough manager who wanted to make sure everything we did was done with a purpose. I attribute much of my work ethic to what I learned under Rick. He has the superb ability to market anything. Under his guidance, we had a total of about 15 events and each saw our business packed to the brim. In short… one of the best, if not the best, managers I have worked for.”

Seth Talley, Manager, Comic Books, Etc.

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