Social Media Networking for Small Business: Part 5C Why Your Company Needs a Blog

Here are 4 reasons why your company needs a Blog…

If you don’t know what a Blog is, you are currently on one. Many consider blogs as part of social media and I don’t disagree. However, blogs can be an extremely valuable tool in both push and pull marketing, and your site may be incomplete without one.

Continuing a series of blogs on Social Media Networking for Small Business! Recently, I presented a webinar for the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership. You can watch it here. In case you’d rather read than watch the webinar, I’ve broken it down into a series of blogs:

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Engage Your Audience Part C – Why Your Company Needs a Blog

The number one thing I would add to your website is a company blog. A blog can be a lot of different things, but it is usually an article or editorial by a person familiar with a topic. This is a great example of a “pull” medium.

When a customer is seeking information on a subject, a blog is a very useful tool as it normally informs in a very succinct format. Likewise, the impression the reader usually has is the blogger is an expert in this subject matter. Many companies list their blogs at the top of their website, as it is typically updated regularly and provides fresh content.


1.) Engage Your Audience. The number one reason to blog is to engage your customer. Provide them with something entertaining or informative where they will want to:

  • Come back to your site
  • Forward your information
  • Leave a comment, thereby opening a dialogue between you and them

2.) Be An Expert. By blogging, you are presenting yourself as an expert on the subject. Obviously, you want to write about what you are passionate and knowledgeable about, which I assume would be your business. Let your customers know they can come to you for experience, knowledge and advice. Another reason to do it, is your competition may not even be trying and it will separate yourself that much more!

3.) Improve Organic Search Engine Rankings. An added bonus to having a blog on your site is they help improve your organic search engine rankings.

Blogs are excellent for creating Long-Tail content which search engines pick up. Businesses wanting to increase traffic should post two or three times a week. The increased content creates more material for search engines to index. The more material indexed, the higher the rate of search engine traffic.

4.) It’s Easy to Blog. You do not have to be a technical whiz to start blogging. There are companies that offer free software, like Blogger and WordPress, which can get you set up in no time (it took me only 90 minutes to get this site up and running). Once your blog is active, the hardest part may be finding topics to write about!

When blogging, like all social media content, quality is even more important than quantity. You want to make sure the topics you are writing about and the information you are providing are valuable.

A great source is This is a search engine that deals only with blogs. Currently, it is listing over 1.3M blogs and sorts them by topic. Here you will see what blog topics are the most sought after.

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