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YGM is a blog, not a company, and I enjoy sharing marketing news and trends with you. However, did you know I am currently looking for my next full-time position? If you or someone you know is in need of a dynamic marketing professional for marketing strategy and/or execution, please keep me in mind.

I would prefer a full-time, permanent position, rather than contract or consulting work. My goal is to find a company where I can use my passion for marketing and make a difference. Here are more specifics…

Seeking: I am seeking a senior level role in marketing at a small to mid-sized company. Or, a mid-level management role at a larger company. Typical titles are:
  • Director or Senior Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Project Manager
Skills: More than 15 years of agency and independent marketing experience, including:
Marketing Strategy
Responsible for over $10 million in annual advertising budgets for multiple clients across the nation. Developed marketing plans, executing hundreds of campaigns in a fast-pace environment, increasing sales for several different companies as much as 240%, raising gross revenue from $50,000 to $120,000 a campaign.
Brand Development: 
Developed brands through coordinating integrated lead generation campaigns, encompassing all channels, including; digital marketing (web, social media, PPC, links, e-newsletter, e-commerce, banner ads and more) and traditional marketing (radio, television, direct mail, print, OOH).
Project Management:
Managed over 600 campaigns/projects for several different companies. Through hands-on production management and developing detailed tracking processes, saved tens of thousands of dollars by staying within budget and meeting every deadline. 

Industries: I have worked directly in multiple industries, including: manufacturing, advertising, retail, e-commerce, automotive, publishing, as well as indirectly in electrical, lighting, utilities, healthcare, IT, banking, law firm, construction, non-profit and more for my clients.

However, I believe marketing is marketing. My specialty is my passion for developing and executing marketing solutions… no matter the industry.

Reports: I have managed teams directly (up to 12), as well as managed direct reports with their own teams. 
Geography: Within one hour of 08876 (Somerville, NJ).
I also have experience working at home and telecommuting.

References: Here are a few. I am happy to provide contact information for previous employers upon request.

Rick Verbanas

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