Putting Your Clients To Work During The Holidays

Have you ever had an event that didn’t go as well as you had planned, learned a few things, and said, “Next year, we’ll remember to try xyz and it will get us the results we want!”

Well, next year is here. The holidays are fast approaching and did you make good on your resolution to maximize your current customer base by making shopping for them easier for their loved ones? While it would have been ideal to start this before Thanksgiving, it isn’t too late!

While there are tons of guerrilla tactics to expand your business, let’s focus on the easiest one in your control: your current client base.

1. I suggest starting with the basics: creating a form your customer can take home – a “Santa List,” if you will. This is a form that states something straight forward at the top, like: WHAT I REALLY WANT THIS YEAR… You can get creative and put it in a font that looks like a kids hand writing, or say something like “Dear ___, I wanted to make this year as easy as possible for you so, I put down a few things I’d really like…”

Following the header, there should be an area where the customer can fill in what he or she wants from your company. Include spaces for specifics; like size, color, etc. Then, at the bottom, your information (name, location, website, contact info, hours of operation, etc.).

You can keep these forms at each register and instruct your sales team to suggest these to each and every customer who comes in. In addition (or if you don’t have the type of business with walk-in traffic), I suggest you email these forms out to your client base. Include it with your e-newsletter, or tie in with whatever promotion you may be running.

Promote this as a SERVICE to your customers! You are trying to make things easier for their loved ones and to ensure they get the gifts they really want this year. I have had great success with these in the past.

2. Whether you sell products or a service, hopefully, you have a reliable tracking system that collects your clients’ purchases. This is the time of year a good Point of Sale (POS) system is worth it’s weight in gold.

Often, a shopper will visit a store or service they know their loved one frequents, trying to get ideas. Train your staff to offer to help these people with informed suggestions! By looking at a clients purchase history, did they purchase ABC? Then, XYZ will make a great gift! If their loved one comes in looking for something, you can point them in the right direction, leaving them with a secure feeling they are giving a gift that will be appreciated, AND that your business is infinitely more helpful than the competition.

Of course, if you don’t have a way to track a customer’s purchases, you may want to consider this yet another reason to invest in a POS for your business.

Don’t waste another shopping day. Find a way to reach out to your current customer base and help them direct their gift buyers to you!

Your Guerrila Marketer,
Rick Verbanas

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