Monday Morning Marketing Minute – Marketing Effort Called a Disgrace, Four Trends for 2017

Your weekly roundup of marketing news, tips and mistakes! 

Four trends that will reshape marketing in 2017

What trends and technologies will keep marketers on their toes over the coming year? Hint: Chatbots, Ad blockers and videos will be big…


Could Your Marketing Job Become Obsolete Within The Decade?
Could you one day be replaced with a machine? The robots are coming for marketing jobs…



Marketing Mistakes 
Learning from mistakes is critical. Who said they had to be your own?

“Urban Decay’s Latest Marketing Effort Is A Disgrace”
Sephora didn’t learn their lesson after the backlash received for products named “Ghetto Fabulous” and “Celebutard,” as they recently have been lambasted for introducing “Druggie.” When they really needed some savvy public relations, they only sent this tweet for an apology…

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