Got Marketing? Ride the Wave (Just Add Corona!)

Cinco de Mayo – the celebration of the Mexican army over the French in 1862 – is celebrated on a Saturday this year. You can bet, the Mexican restaurants in North America will be packed with both Latinos and non-Latinos looking for an excuse to celebrate. But… what about the non-Mexican restaurants?

The crafty guerrilla marketer knows you can ride the wave of others publicity by simply playing along. In the next week, you will see signs and advertisements for Corona and other Mexican beer outside American cuisine restaurants, bars and package stores. The result: giving the appearance of participating in an event and using others marketing efforts to help promote your own.

Riding The Wave

“Riding the wave,” as I like to call it, is a common guerrilla marketing tactic that allows Company B to use what is successful for Company A. You may have heard of the old advertising media buying phrase, “The Power of Three.” In essence, studies have shown it often takes three impressions (whether it is radio, television, direct mail, digital marketing, etc.) before your message really starts to sink in with the average audience. So… what if your message is similar to another successful campaign? Will this help increase your own impression? Many experts believe so.

Got Milk?

Practically everyone has seen the “Got Milk” advertisements. This was a wildly successful and recognizable campaign, which was best known for celebrities, athletes and, even, fictional characters wearing a milk mustache. Most readers will also be able to recall seeing that same “Got _?” used for other companies. Whether it is a “Got Bugs?” for a pest control service or “Got Cellulite?” for a cosmetic surgeon, it was instantly recognizable. In fact, there is even a “Got Milk?” font, for trying to get the same look and feel.

The Hunger Games

The guerrilla marketer is always looking for different ways to reach a new audience. The key is to look at current or upcoming events and to anticipate their success. A few weeks ago, when The Hunger Games was hitting the theaters, The Weather Channel had on their website, “The Hunger Games and Weather.” While blatant, it did give them increased exposure and traffic to their site.

What’s On The Horizon?

The savvy Guerrilla Marketer will be looking on the horizon and seeing potential buzz-worthy events to tie into. Here are just a few ideas…

NFL Draft
NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
NBA Playoffs
May Day (5/01)
Cinco de Mayo (5/05)
Mother’s Day (5/13)
Memorial Day (5/28)
Father’s Day (6/17)
Free Comic Book Day (5/05)
The Avengers movie (5/04)
The Dark Knight Rises movie (7/20)

What is the next hot topic in which you can ride the wave?

Your Guerrilla Marketer,
Rick Verbanas

2 thoughts on “Got Marketing? Ride the Wave (Just Add Corona!)

  1. Even less observed holidays can be tied into. Armed Forces Day, Flag Day.
    Or tie into ethnic holidays too can expand a customer base.

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