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The Avengers movie, in its first six days internationally, has earned $218 million. Some experts predict it will make $500 million after this weekend and, in doing so, be in the black after just one weekend in America. With reviews being overwhelmingly positive, this just in… The Avengers are hot.

Last week, I covered the topic of what I like to call “Riding the Wave.” (Probably a good idea to read it to better appreciate this blog). Basically, it is latching on to another entity’s popularity and coming along for the ride. I gave a recent example of The Weather Channel shamelessly posting an article online, “The Hunger Games and Weather.” With this weekend’s The Avengers opening most likely surpassing The Hunger Games $152.5 million debut, a new super power has entered the arena.

Doing a search on Google using the term “Avengers,” over 5,000 news articles appeared the night before the movie releases in America (5/04/12). While it seems every single online magazine/newspaper/blog and news source has someone giving a review of the movie, there were plenty of other clever ways to tie-in to Marvel’s blockbuster without paying any royalties or fees.

Here are some of the highlights:

Cinemablend gives a helpful review of whether or not to see the movie in 3D.

For those going to the marathon on Thursday (select theaters had Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: First Avenger leading up to the midnight debut of The Avengers), Entertainment Weekly had a very clever “Your Avengers marathon survival guide: When to pee, get a snack, and check in with Mom and Dad.”

Access Hollywood decided to offer “The Non-Geek Avengers Movie Guide,” for those who may not have seen the five movies leading up to this ensemble and could use a cheat sheet.

If that wasn’t offensive enough, Moviefone offers “One Girl’s Guide To The Avengers: What You Need To Know If You Know Nothing.” They even suggest to the girls what to say and what not to say to the boyfriends who dragged them to see the movie.

Moving from entertainment to respectable “news” sources, BloombergBusinessweek wrote an article on how Disney is betting on The Avengers after John Carter flopping.

The Chicago Tribune – with plenty of reviews and other entertainment bits on the movie –  wrote an essay on The Avengers business model.

Even ABC News (owned by Disney, which purchased Marvel in 2009) gets in on the act with this “news” piece on Avengers actors helping ring in the bell at the stock exchange a few days ago.

After the Credits

While I like to give credit where credit is due above, even Your Guerrilla Marketer got in on the act; writing a blog on how businesses are riding the Avengers wave in hopes they will attract more readers, comments, tweets and page views.

And, if you are reading this blog for the first time, you know my evil plan worked. Just call me Loki, God of Marketing Mischief.

Your Guerrilla Marketer,
Rick Verbanas


3 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble Marketing Punch

  1. Why the quote marks on “news”? Bloomberg and ABC are news organizations, and they are reporting news, even if it the news is a publicity stunt for a blockbuster movie.

    Since when do journalists have to pay licensing fees? Even publishers, writing “Philosophy of…” or “Science of…” titles are only required to post a disclaimer inside the book. Of course, if that book contains a lot of intellectual property, then there could be litigation (Warner Bros. and J. K. Rowling vs. RDR Books, (575 F.Supp.2d 513)).

    Granted, if they use a trademark, such as the Avengers logo, then they might get a nice letter from a corporate attorney. If a broadcaster runs a series which ties into the trademark, implying a relationship, then that’s a problem. (See the recent kerfuffle with Oxfam and The Hunger Games.)

    So you’re article is lacking. You talk about how journalists are using the Avengers, but not businesses (comics shops handing out flyers at the movie theaters, cosplay, Free Comic Book Day, archery suppliers…) Nor do you cite the two examples I just mentioned about the pitfalls of being a marketing remora.

    Or, like I thought when I read the headline, you could investigate how the official licensees, such as Land O’Frost, used the movie to promote products. (Like the Bloomberg article you linked above.)

    So you’re more like Baldur, forgetting about mistletoe…

    • Torsten,

      Thanks for your comments. Did you read my previous blog, which explored the concept of “Riding the Wave?” It may explain a bit more of what my point to this Avengers piece was meant to be. Frankly, I was just having a bit of fun with this blog, pointing out how even myself was taking advantage of the Avengers popularity right now.

      While there are businesses taking advantage of this, as well, that was not my point. Yes, there are companies who are paying a license to use the name and likeness (Nortan AntiVirus, Target, etc.) and some who are riding the wave (Dodge Avenger PPC ads), my focus was on what was making the news. The business portion would make for a very interesting (and lengthy) blog some day. If enough people ask for it, I’ll research it and report back here.

      Nice Balder reference, btw. Personally, I’d much rather be compared to him than Loki any day.

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