Monday Morning Marketing Minute – Tips to Navigate the New LinkedIn, Preview Super Bowl commercials


Your weekly roundup of marketing news, tips and mistakes!

LinkedIn debuts new desktop version with ‘chatbots’, new search and more

Having trouble navigating the new LinkedIn? Here is an overview of some of the changes…

Here Are All the 2017 Super Bowl Commercials So Far
In the past few years, advertisers have started releasing versions of their TV ads in the weeks ahead of the Super Bowl to build up hype before the big game. Here’s a list and videos of all the Super Bowl LI commercials out so far…

Marketing Mistakes 
Learning from mistakes is critical. Who said they had to be your own?

Worst Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Forbes interviewed industry experts who gave their list of Super Bowl failures over the years. Is one of your favorites on the list?

Super Bowl Commercials – What to Look for in 2017

Millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl every year, with last year’s event drawing nearly 112 million viewers. For many, the commercials are the biggest highlight. Besides being entertaining, I have often found the ads can tell us quite a bit about the state of our country, and current marketing trends.

At $5.5M per 30-second spot (nearly double the cost of the same ad in 2010), the big companies and wannabes are going to try to get the most creative minds in the industry to help tell their story in half a minute. Sometimes they win and, a lot of the time, they lose.

Sir Anthony Hopkins is not selling out in this 2016 Super Bowl ad for TurboTax.

Over the years, it has certainly painted a picture of what we like (food, beer, cars, etc.), but it also tells us what is happening in our society. 15 years ago? The Dot Com companies ruled the night. During the recent recession? Soda, chips, candy bars and fast food – inexpensive comfort items – took prevalence. Two years ago? Sentimental ads focusing on parents, kids and empowerment tugged on our heartstrings. Last year? Brands relied upon respected actors like Hopkins, Neeson, Mirran, Walken and Keitel to build credibility and sway opinion.

What to look for this year? If you are a marketer (or just want to sound smart around the water cooler), here are a few suggestions when watching the Super Bowl…
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Monday Morning Marketing Minute – Marketing Effort Called a Disgrace, Four Trends for 2017

Your weekly roundup of marketing news, tips and mistakes! 

Four trends that will reshape marketing in 2017

What trends and technologies will keep marketers on their toes over the coming year? Hint: Chatbots, Ad blockers and videos will be big…


Could Your Marketing Job Become Obsolete Within The Decade?
Could you one day be replaced with a machine? The robots are coming for marketing jobs…



Marketing Mistakes 
Learning from mistakes is critical. Who said they had to be your own?

“Urban Decay’s Latest Marketing Effort Is A Disgrace”
Sephora didn’t learn their lesson after the backlash received for products named “Ghetto Fabulous” and “Celebutard,” as they recently have been lambasted for introducing “Druggie.” When they really needed some savvy public relations, they only sent this tweet for an apology…

2016… What Did We Learn?

The New Year is a great time for reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the new one. This is great, of course, for personal issues we want to improve. But, what about your business? Have you sat down and really looked at where you’ve been and where you want to go?

Last year, did you reach your business goals (gross sales, unit sales, market share penetration, new client acquisition, new locations developed, reduce costs, increase profits)? What do you think your greatest achievements were of 2016?

There is a common saying, “Celebrate your successes and learn from your failures.” Personally, I think we can learn from anything… if we ask the right questions. So, what made your victories successful? Sit down and really analyze what made something work. Was it the extensive planning, as well as preparing for various outcomes? Was it the new personnel you hired? Was it you taking a more hands on approach… or less? Was it that social media campaign? That PR blitz? That creative direct marketing idea?

On the other hand, what didn’t work? If you could do something different in 2016, what was it? How would you do it differently?

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