Putting Your Clients To Work During The Holidays

Have you ever had an event that didn’t go as well as you had planned, learned a few things, and said, “Next year, we’ll remember to try xyz and it will get us the results we want!”

Well, next year is here. The holidays are fast approaching and did you make good on your resolution to maximize your current customer base by making shopping for them easier for their loved ones? While it would have been ideal to start this before Thanksgiving, it isn’t too late!

While there are tons of guerrilla tactics to expand your business, let’s focus on the easiest one in your control: your current client base. Continue reading

Small Business Saturday: Success Or More Of The Same?

Saturday, November 26, 2011, was the second annual Small Business Saturday. Originally launched in 2010 by American Express, the idea was to help shift the focus on local small businesses, who do not normally get the same boost in the arm that Black Friday does to big box stores.

Are you a small business? Did this nationwide focus on you help increase traffic/sales, or was it just another Saturday? Like it is with the larger companies, an event means nothing without the proper planning, preparation, and effort. If you were simply hoping shoppers flock to your business due to the warm and fuzzy feelings of supporting the local economy, then I’m glad you visited this blog.

People want a deal. They want an event. It is what they have been trained to seek out since birth. So, what did you give them?

Did you… Continue reading