What Football Can Teach Us About Marketing

It’s football season, and fans everywhere are scheduling where they will be on Sunday. Whether it is in front of the television, at a local sports bar or tailgating at the actual game, fans are flocking to the NFL (National Football League). On average, nearly 20 million people view NFL games every week. That’s per game. According to Nielsen, viewership is up for each network who televises NFL games and are averaging their most viewers ever, increasing close to 10% each year.

Wait. Isn’t baseball supposed to be “America’s pastime?”

The NFL has built a business model to be envied. Years ago, they knew they were coming in second to MLB (Major League Baseball) and have since built a juggernaut that now hosts games internationally and is a licensing machine. How did they do it?


Some traditional, some innovative, some grassroots. And we can learn from it all. Continue reading

Turkey Day Marketing? No Thanks

The holidays are here and we will start to be bombarded by more and more messages from every kind of source. Some messages will be clever and find avenues to stand out and grab your attention (a blog for another day). It seems the holidays have been associated with marketing and spending for generations.

As Lucy says in A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), “Look, Charlie, let’s face it. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. It’s run by a big eastern syndicate, you know.”

And, maybe, Lucy is right.

But, there is one holiday, however, untouched (some would say untarnished) by marketing: Continue reading