Social Media Networking for Small Business: Part 3 Find Your Promoters

I presented a webinar on Social Media Networking for Small Business last month. You can watch it here. Here are the highlights…

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Social Media networking is all about engaging your customers, not selling to them. Nothing will turn off someone faster than selling a company, product or service where people like to relax and be entertained. However, people are less likely to be turned off if someone they know, like and trust is doing the recommending.

Who do you know who will do this for you? Your promoters!

When I was working on customer loyalty with Bloomingdale’s, we switched over from the traditional customer satisfaction survey to the “Net Promoter Score.” Based on Fred Reichheld’s book, “The Ultimate Question,” (how likely is it you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?) it broke down customers in to three categories:

Promoters – Loyal enthusiasts who keep buying from a company and urge their friends to do the same

Passives – Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who can be easily wooed by the competition

Detractors – Your classic unhappy customers. In the past, it was universally believed every unhappy customer told ten friends. Now, in the digital age, unhappy customers can tell 10,000 “friends.”

The author goes on to say, two conditions must be satisfied before customers make a personal referral:

  1. They must believe the company offers superior value (price, features, quality, functionality, ease of use, etc.)
  2. They must also feel good about their relationship with the company. They must believe the company knows and understands them, values them, listens to them and shares their principles

The good news, as small business owners and managers, you have the distinct benefit of being present and creating those relationships with customers. I have no doubt, many of you reading this are thinking of certain customers or clients who you feel would fall into this category. And that is great – because these are the customers you want to be engaging with in social media. In return, they will do your selling for you.

For more information and tips on finding and building your promoters, check out this previous blog.

Check back soon for Part 4 – Developing Your Social Media Strategy.

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