Social Media Networking for Small Business: Part 6 Listen and Respond

You are rocking the social media world. You’re getting liked on Facebook, re-tweeted on Twitter and your inbound links are multiplying. And these are translating into sales. You think everything is going great. But, who is monitoring what people are saying about you and your business?

Continuing a series of blogs on Social Media Networking for Small Business! Recently, I presented a webinar for the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership. You can watch it here. In case you’d rather read than watch the webinar, I’ve broken it down into a series of blogs:

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Listen and Respond 

Blogs, Message Boards, Product Ratings… should all be tracked for any negative comments. For small businesses, I suggest you use a Social Media Monitoring (SMM) tool, also known as a listening platform. This allows you to monitor and track mentions of your brand, products and competitors. SMM tools provide many different ways to analyze, measure, display and report findings.

Some of the more popular SMMs: Continue reading