And The Winner Of The Logo Contest Is…

Your Guerrilla Marketer would like to congratulate Gary Bishop of King’s Bishop Design for winning the Logo Contest! His design – as seen at the top of this site – was certainly a crowd favorite. Over half of the comments posted here mentioned they liked his first submission, with 25% stating it was their first choice.

King’s Bishop Design offers mechanical and architectural CAD work, 3D renderings of all kinds, including animation and scenery. They also offer copywriting, collateral work and much more.

I would like to thank all the designers who submitted, including a special thanks to finalists Alan Goon and Luann Ladley. Their designs received a lot of support, and it was a very difficult decision to make. While Gary may have won, there are no losers. I will be speaking with both Alan and Luann to assist them with their marketing needs as reward for their talent and time.

Please visit the sites of these talented designers and contact them for your design needs:

Gary Bishop
King’s Bishop Design


Alan Goon
IT Art

Luann Ladley
Luann Ladley Design


Thank you to everyone who sent in emails and posted comments on the site!


How To Turn Your Customers Into Advocates – Part 2

Turning customers into Advocates will do wonders for your business. There may be no better way to create a sale than by having your customers rave about your business/product/service. In my last blog, I discussed how creating online communities will keep your customers on your site, and talking about you. But, what can you do to create a community in person?

This notion has been around for ages. The classic example is a book club sponsored or created by bookstores. What better way to get people reading more than to get a group of people to all read the same book and then gather to discuss it? There is something about sharing one’s passion with a fellow fan that brings a lot of joy. Plus, there is the peer pressure of finishing it by the allotted time, and being able to discuss it intelligently. Ultimately, it keeps the customers active in what you offer and, hopefully, your business “top of mind.”

You may be thinking, “But what about my business? I don’t sell books. What can I do to get people together to enjoy my service/product?”

The answer is simple, really. Continue reading

Logo Contest Finalists – Vote For Your Favorite!

Four weeks ago, Your Guerrilla Marketer announced a contest, looking for designers to submit their ideas for what they think should be the new Your Guerrilla Marketer logo. The winner will get one-on-one marketing counseling with yours truly, Rick Verbanas. The response has been amazing, with the finalists listed below.

These are my favorite designs. Like what you see? Please visit the finalists’ sites and contact them on how they can help you with your design needs! Bookmark their pages for future use and forward their contact information to colleagues who may benefit from their services.

The winner will be announced on Friday, March 30, 2012, via e-newsletter and on this site. Please post your comments below on which logo you think should be the winner!

The finalists are: Continue reading

How To Turn Your Customers Into Advocates – Part 1

It is no secret… it costs more to win a customer than it does to retain one. You may spend considerable capital to advertise your product or service to fill your pipeline with interested prospects, with only a certain percentage actually closing. After all that investment, effort and manpower to get the sale, doesn’t it make sense to do what you can to keep them spending with you?

There are many avenues of creating customer retention; loyalty programs, coupons, customer referral rewards, auto drafts, subscriptions, to name a few very effective ways. However, Your Guerrilla Marketer suggests adding another tool for your arsenal: Communities.

Providing customers a place to gather, whether online or in person, will create a bond around a common interest. This is the best way to turn Loyal Customers into Advocates. According to, to advocate is “to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly.”

Wouldn’t it be great if an undecided prospect read, or was personally given, a recommendation by one of your customers? In Fred Reichheld’s “The Ultimate Question,”  he breaks down customers in to three categories; Continue reading

How To Snuff The Social Media Flame Before It Becomes A Firestorm

You are rocking the social media world. You’re getting liked on Facebook, re-tweeted on Twitter and your inbound links are multiplying. But, who is monitoring what people are saying about you and your business? And, what do you do when it is negative?

I recently spoke with Mike Moran, Chief Strategist at Converseon and author of “Do it Wrong Quickly,” who says it is essential to keep track of the chatter on the world wide web. “The first thing you need is awareness,” he said. “There are people out there who have something to say and they have many different ways to be heard.”

Blogs, Message Boards, Product Ratings… should all be tracked for any negative comments. “That can be challenging,” Moran admitted. “Once you understand the importance of listening to your audience, you need to develop a process to help you hear them.”

For the smaller guys and gals, I suggest you use a Social Medial Monitoring (SMM) tool, also known as a listening platform. This allows you to monitor and track mentions of your brand, products and competitors. SMM tools provide many different ways to analyze, measure, display and report findings.

Some of the more popular SMMs: Continue reading

Top Logo Designers And Their Most Famous Creations

[NOTE: Do you design logos? Looking for exposure? Enter the contest – click here for details!]

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” Michelangelo’s “David.” Raymond Loewy’s “Shell.” Wait. What?!? Like it or not, corporate logos have become as iconic as other forms or art.

Many logos are so recognizable, like Shell, they no longer need their company’s name. Some logos are well known just by using a few words, like “Golden Arches” or, simply, “Swoosh.”

When most advertisers consider logos, they think impressions, not impressionism. Viewing the same logo over and over certainly can create a lasting, well, impression. However, can our affinity for certain logos be merely explained as the result of repeated exposure? Your Guerrilla Marketer believes some logos we have come to know (and, in some cases, love) have lasted and endured because they were designed by extremely talented individuals.

In a recent blog, I took a look at the evolution of famous logos and asked “Is it time to change your logo?”

This blog takes a look at some of my favorite logo designers. Most of these artists have had amazing careers beyond any logo they designed. I cannot do their careers justice in a few sentences, so I will mainly cover their more famous logo designs.

Raymond Loewy (1893-1986) was known as “the man who changed the face of industrial design” and his work was featured as an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution. His work included designing for Greyhound Buses, Coca-Cola bottles, Pennsylvania Railroad and Air Force One. As a testament to the power of his Shell logo design, Shell dropped its name from their advertisements.

Continue reading